Freshmen advice

Last year as a freshman I expected to not be able to pass every subject because I was a skipper who had missed a lot of days in middle school. I was worried that I didn’t know enough going into the ninth grade.

But I was so happy that I was going to spend more time with my cousin Donasia Wilson. I also feared losing my friends again.

When I came to Inlet Grove I didn’t lose any of them. By the end of the year I was happy I had survived.

But this year I was thinking more about my best friend/brother I haven’t seen since fifth grade. Once again I had a cousin at school with me.

The sad thing is, I might leave this year. I don’t want to because I don’t want to leave my cousin here or any of my friends.

I do not think I have changed. You may change your attitude, your height or weight, maybe even your looks. If you do people would probably say something negative. Don’t listen to them.

So to all skippers and freshmen out there, I wouldn’t give up hope. The year is just starting. Study hard and enjoy life because it will get more challenging next year.