New year, new floor

“Floors don’t make champions,” Coach Timpson said about the new gym floor at Inlet Grove High School. He clearly doesn’t think the floor is the key to the success for the basketball team this year.

Students, especially the seniors, know how bad the gym floor looked before. It was all old and dusty and just didn’t seem like the basketball court the Hurricanes deserved.

Most companies recommend that gyms get their courts resurfaced every eight to 10 years. Inlet’s floor hasn’t been resurfaced in 10 years, so it obviously was due for a new one.

The company that the school used, Elite Surfaces, took about four weeks to complete the job. Elite Surfaces sanded the floor down to the bare wood, then applied seal, paint and finish. They restored the luster of the older wood floor surface.

The only thing that wasn’t done by the start of the school year was the drying process. This is why the first pep rally of the year got canceled.

Inlet Grove’s school color is blue. Coach Timpson chose to honor the colors that the school has used in the past by keeping it that way.