Junior Class News: Dues


By Staff

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS: Juniors should be aware of their responsibilities, and take actions toward their future.

Juniors should be aware of the things that go on around them. As the years pass, their responsibilities grow.

An example would be junior dues, which are $50. This year dues should be paid by Dec. 21. Students can pay later, but then a late fee will be charged.

If not paid, junior dues carry over to the next year and are added to the senior dues. Students cannot graduate, much less walk on graduation day, if they have not paid the fees.

In another example of junior responsibilities, the SAT and ACT tests should be taken, to satisfy college requirements.

If students qualify for the Free Lunch program, they should take advantage of the two free waivers that are given during junior and senior year.

It’s better to get ahead of the game than to fall behind. Some students tend to procrastinate and leave things to the last minute. But wouldn’t it be easier to get some obligations out the way, to have less on your plate during senior year?

In your last year of high school you just want to enjoy the experience. But you can’t have fun if you have a bunch of worries on your shoulders.

Betsy Merino is president of the Junior Class.