Junior Class News: Let the Games begin


Brianna Luberisse

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: Students in the pep rally were hype about fun activities occurring imagine the level of excitement there will be with the junior class games.

When I ran as junior class president, I said I was going to make sure you guys were aware of the ACT and SAT advantages and make sure you were at least halfway done with your community service hours by the end of your junior year.

Yes, of course I wanted you guys to meet your academic requirements, but I also want you to enjoy your Β year.

How can we have fun. After all, it is school.

Guys I’m a student as well and I know that there are Β moments when schoolwork, tests, quizzes, drama and everyday life in school can become overwhelming.

That is why I have proposed the Junior Class Games.

They will be held during lunch, every three weeks.

The games are meant for the Class of 2019 to get together and have fun, to make friendships, etc.

Yes, I know it seems clichΓ©.

But I want my peers to enjoy coming to school and be rewarded for all the hard work that has been done in your classes.

Comment any suggestions you’d like for the Junior Class Games.

Betsy Merino

Junior Class president