More to think about


Ruth Mondesir

UNITY: The Lady Canes show theirs following an earlier game this year.

It was an intense game with the Lady Canes fighting hard to score. Defense was also fighting hard, trying their best to keep the ball away from our goalie, Carla Anderson.

But in the end it was a 5-1 loss to Okeechobee in our seventh game, Dec. 1.

Okeechobee scored three goals in the first half, taking a 3-0 lead.

Then Jada Hall, junior in the Culinary Academy, scored before the end of the first half.

Okeechobee scored twice more in the second half, while shutting out the Canes, to take the win.

The game was horrible, worse than our 5-2 loss to Okeechobee on Nov. 27. It was supposed to be fun but instead it was very intense.

This time the Lady Canes had a chance to think about it over the weekend. The game taught us a lesson: that communication is a key to winning.

It’s going to take time, effort and teamwork to get on that professional level. Practice was hard this week with Coach Gregory preparing us for today’s game at Cardinal Newman.

Hopefully this one will be a win.