Better next year?


Karla Salvador

FIGHTING HARD: But the Lady Canes want to improve on our losing record.

Heading into the winter holiday break, the soccer Lady Canes’ season record was 4-8, with our next game set for Jan. 29 at Pahokee. Hopefully the new year will bring more victories.

After our loss to Cardinal Newman on Dec. 6,  the team bounced back, winning two games against Atlantic Christian and Port St. Lucie.

But then came losses to Royal Palm Beach, 10-2 and Olympics Heights, 8-0.

The Newman game, an 8-0 loss on their field, had to be one of our saddest games. For one thing, we didn’t give it our best as a team. Newman scored five goals before halftime.

In addition, our goalkeeper, Carla Anderson, was diagnosed with a concussion during the game, forcing Coach Gregory to have Adysa Vernal fill in.

Jordan Hall, a senior and a captain, playing her first game that week, tried to keep the Lady Canes organized. But Cardinal Newman scored three more goals in the second half.

The game ended early when the mercy rule came into play, which is when one team gains an eight-goal lead.

This again was a very intense game as the Lady Canes tried their hardest to score, but in the end we didn’t succeed.

In the Atlantic Christian game, the Lady Canes won 8-1 at home. The Atlantic soccer girls weren’t what I expected, giving us plenty of chances to score.

Aaliyah Carrydice was the goalkeeper for that day, taking the place of Anderson, who had been diagnosed with a concussion in the previous game.

Jada Hall, a junior in the Culinary Academy and sister of Jordan, scored five goals. Desiree Coleman, a junior, scored two goals in the first half.

Atlantic scored before halftime. Then Coleman scored again in the second half, before Coach Gregory decided to take her out of the game.

The game would’ve ended on a mercy rule, but continued for another minute when the referee called a Canes foul against the goalkeeper.

Port St. Lucie tried hard to come back during our 6-4 victory on Dec. 12, given their 5-2 loss to the Lady Canes on Nov. 8.

Port St. Lucie scored two goals before halftime, but Jada Hall  scored three. In the second half Coleman also scored, and Hall scored twice more.

Then Port St. Lucie scored twice before ending the game.

Eventually the Lady Canes fought back making sure our goalkeeper Carrydice didn’t get hurt during this game.

Second game in a row that ended with a win, the Lady Canes are still proud to have that record.

Also, goalkeeper Anderson came back from her concussion suffered during the Cardinal Newman game, and is now able to play.

Against Olympics Heights, the Lady Canes lost 8-0.

It was very intense with the Canes was fighting hard to score and the Olympic Heights Lions never letting us have a chance.

The defense line was fighting hard and I had a side injury during the game.

The Lions scored four goals before halftime. The Lady Canes did our part and kept fighting until the game was over.

With Anderson still in recovering process, Vernal did an amazing job as goalkeeper, saving even more goals.

Jordan Hall didn’t play due to a leg injury but came out to support us.

Then Olympics Heights scored four more goals, ending the game with a mercy rule. But it was one of the best games the Lady Canes have had because we kept on pushing and never did we give up.

Hopefully after the Christmas break the Lady Canes will bring wins and keep on pushing until the soccer season is over.