NULITES: Inspiring futures


By staff

ERIC KELLY: The president of the Quantum Foundation was the keynote speaker for the 7th Annual Youth Empowerment Luncheon on Jan. 26.

“Strive for excellence at home, school and in my community,” is a  principle of the Urban League NULITES.

Each year since 2010 the Urban League has hosted a luncheon to honor their Project Ready NULITES, such as the  7th Annual Youth Empowerment Luncheon, held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Jan. 26.

NULITES  “stands for National Urban League Incentive to Excel and Succeed,” said Tanya Roberts, a news anchor on News Channel 5 and mistress of ceremonies, adding that the program has been working in Palm Beach County for more than 21 years.

“Today’s event highlights the Urban League’s efforts to prepare your youth for college, work and life,” said  Roberts, The focus, she said, is on “careers and educational endeavors in  S.T.E.M — Science, technology, engineering, and math.”

Other Hurricanes who had the opportunity to attend the event were Toni Andrews, Kathleen Morvan, Florette Scott, Jayna Aldophe, Maya Banks, Danica Jean and Kiara Guerrier.

We got to see old classmates and even meet Rick Christie, editor of the editorial pages for The Palm Beach Post.

The NULITES program had 100 percent its students graduate high school last year, as well as 100 percent college ready.

This program lets their students think big. “I am a mathematician,” said Terena Thomasa a student in the program, “because everything in this universe is associated with a number.” She said it is her goal to provide a formula that will take us to Mars.

The program helps students thrive in many endeavors. Is also provides  travel on college tours and to state youth conferences, SAT/ACT prep courses, work skills training, cultural activities such as the ballet and theater, scholarship opportunities, networking with community leaders, community service activities, holiday activities and special events.

Going to this luncheon you will feel inspired no matter what age you are. Hearing what the students had to say is what a lot of people looked forward to.

“I have had the pleasure of attending this luncheon probably for the last five years,” said Elizabeth Hamma, general manager of X 102.3 radio. “I also had the honor of attending other luncheons throughout the years.

“And I have to say that not one of the luncheons I’ve attend are as inspiring as this one is,” she added. “When I get to see those red jackets up on the stage telling us about their lives and what they’ve accomplished, I walk back to my office feeling so inspired.”