All about SGA

SGA stands for Student Government Association, and GroveWatch recently spoke with Mr. Baker, the SGA staff sponsor.

What are the requirements in order to be in SGA?

Mr. Baker: Any student can be a part of SGA, but you need to have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and you have to be in good conduct.

What are some things that SGA has done so far and what does SGA do?

We’ve done a lot of things. We like to do community service. One of the main things we did this year, which is pretty exciting, is we took the members to the federal courthouse to be a part of the naturalization ceremony. What that is is people who are new to the United States that have been granted citizenship become naturalized. We were a part of that ceremony naturalizing them. It was a very good experience for everybody. We also did the Homecoming Dance this year. We also participated in the Martin Luther King Day Parade and we’re also putting on the Pep Rally. Most importantly, the SGA members are the voice of the student body, so that is why we have our own government here at Inlet Grove. Whenever anything concerns the students needs to be done, it should go throughout the Student Government Association. We even handle minor level offenses, that’s what the judicial branch does if a student gets in trouble. In a few weeks, we’re going to be starting Supreme Court for those students to go through to fight their disputes in the Supreme Court if they’re minor. The senators are legislators, so they try to develop policies for the school. For instance, if we want to change the dress code, then you would go through the legislative branch and speak to your senators. That way they can write up a bill or a law and that can be approved by the executive branch and the president would sign it. We try to run a complete union inside this government and it’s good for learning and you can learn how our society works and how our government works. So that’s great.

When SGA does these events, where do proceeds go?

All the money goes back to the school. Everything goes back to us. The Homecoming Dance proceeds will go toward another dance or goes to help the school out with other aspects of our new C.A.N.E.S. posters, it went to that too. Anything to help the school out and make the school better.

How do you become an SGA member?

You become an SGA member at the beginning of each school year. The student body votes for those members to be a part of it. We have a vote for the president, vice president. Next year we’re going to have the senators be voted in as well.

What are some things that you all have coming up?

This week we’re doing spirit week (Feb. 12-16). Our biggest event that we’re working on is the Glow in the Dark Pep Rally that we’re doing tomorrow. We’re getting ready to go on a field trip to the Norton Art Gallery Museum. We’re also going to go and enjoy Clematis (Street) for a little bit to celebrate our success for Spirit Week this week.

What does SGA have planned for prom?

We haven’t discussed the prom yet. If the senior class or junior class would want the SGA to participate in prom, then we’d be happy to do it, but SGA doesn’t do prom. It’s mostly the junior class, but if they need our help we’re happy to assist.

Who are the president, presiding officer, and others that are a part of SGA?

The SGA is compromised just like how our government is compromised: three separate branches of government. It’s run just like our government is run in the United States of America. We have an executive branch, the president is Nondiana Emmanuel and the vice president is Deilyn Mendez. The SGA secretary is Gaelle Compere. The SGA treasurer is Cameron Henthorn. The sergeant of arms is Tiannah Eldor. The legislative branch is comprised of all the senators. The Senate president is Zenia Topps. Then we have the judicial branch. The judicial branch is comprised of our Supreme Court. Michelle Lahens is our chief justice. Cristina Escobar-Cruz is a justice. Myiah Beasley is a justice. Jacob Richmond-Santiago is our attorney general.

What are some things that will get a member removed from SGA?

(Lack of) participation can get you kicked out of SGA. If you get a referral you can get kicked out of SGA. For me as a sponsor, I try to mentor them as well too and teach them how to do the right thing because I’m trying to mirror it just like how society is. If you get in trouble with SGA then we have in our Constitution, we have a written one that was approved by the SGA this year. We go through them. Let’s say there’s an allegation where they did something wrong, I’m just as a sponsor just not going to kick them out. We’re going to have them go through our judicial branch and the charges will be brought up through them and if the judicial branch decides that they need to be impeached from SGA or removed from office, then the executive branch will either deny or approve what the judicial branch’s recommendation was. That’s how we work; we work as a government. We have separate branches of power. Obviously, for things that are extremely serious, that should not be decided with the SGA, that will not go through them. I will make that decision if it’s that serious.

What is your advice to any new or current SGA member?

My advice to them is to attend meetings, participate, show your support, and be willing to be a voice for all other students. Speak to the students about what they want or what they’re looking for. For instance, more jeans days or if you want more activities. Talk to your SGA members. In the end, SGA needs to bring that to our meetings so we can make it happen for them.