Walk out for victims

TOGETHER WE STAND: Students host a walk out for those who lost their lives during a school shooting.

February 21 students left class at 12 noon to honor the seventeen students killed in Broward County School shooting on Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Banks said she had no problem with the students wanting to do this walk out and asked the students once they were all out there, “why you are out here…what do you all have to say?”

A few students stepped out and spoke letting everyone know that gun violence and school shooting is not something to play about. Coral Leonard of the Marine Time Academy said that “those kids are not going home to their parents…their parents don’t get to see them no more… this is not a joke.”  Tyler West added on saying “why are you out here if you are going to joke around?”

Being out there walking and talking for those that lost their lives brought students to tears. Ahmara Taylor of the culinary program said that, “it was an emotional moment for the whole school and a time to reflect on the way we treat each other.”

Also Kennedi English of the pre-law program led the crowd in the song “Raise up” by Andréa Day

Samuel Laguerre of the medical academy started a chant, “we want stricter gun laws” and “we want it now. Samuel say he started this chant because “it’s a sad thing seeing people in our age group buying rifles… an AR15 was designed to kill people.” With this walk out Samuel feels that this would raise awareness and help bring stricter gun laws.

Students ended the walk out repeating the school new motto “see something, say something” and the chant “we want stricter gun laws now”.