Be black and be proud

OUR HISTORY : This photo represents a few African-Americans that paved the way for all of us to be equal.

U.S. Air Force graphic by Tommy Brown

OUR HISTORY : This photo represents a few African-Americans that paved the way for all of us to be equal.

Black History month, a month where we celebrate African-Americans and all of their accomplishments.

What was your first introduction to Black History month?

“Elementary school. There’d be posters on the wall of Martin Luther King.” The teachers would, “have us watch videos of people that set good examples.” – Hannah Snow

What does Black History Month mean to you?

“A month where we recognize and celebrate that we’ve come a long way. It’s a month where we dedicate and reflect on all the racism we have overcome.” – Deisy Velasquez

“Black History Month is the celebration of what all the Black people went through.” – Yorgelis Yambo

Black History month is, “a month where all the intelligent, most outspoken, most rebellious people of our culture are celebrated for all they’ve done. And that’s important to me because I look up to them and admire them.” – Jadan Wright

How do you think your life would be if people such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and other civil rights leaders hadn’t done all they did?

“Life would be so different, to be honest. The schools wouldn’t be the same; the stores wouldn’t be the same, humanity in general.” – Yorgelis Yambo

What does being Black mean to you?

“Being Black to me means being different. And not in a bad type of way. Different meaning unique. We are stereotyped with a lot of negative behaviors and I love showing people different.” – Jayna Adolphe.

“Being Black means a lot of things to me, but most importantly, it’s one of the things that make me different and unique in today’s society. One of the many things…and I feel that it’s an honor to be different and to be accepted today for who I am and my skin color.” – Morgans Olivier

“It’s important to me because our culture is on point. It’s unique, it’s different. We influence a lot of people and it’s great.” – Jadan Wright

“Being different because Black people have a unique look and we have a unique look and we have a different culture. We had to work for things a lot harder than others.” – Hannah Snow

“I feel like being Black is a privilege that you were born into. It feels good to be a part of a very lively and powerful culture.” – Kristha Zapata