Multimedia Expo experience

MULTIMEDIA EXPO: Middle school students such as Harmony Scott (left) and Tavis Riley experienced the many elements of the Inlet Grove Multimedia Academy, including having their video, photography, design, web and writing work published on the Inlet Grove school website and online newspaper.

What I learned from the Inlet Grove Multimedia experience is how to edit a video for the first time and also how to do photography. The instructors were clear enough for me to understand the concept of how to use a camera and how to put together a video. Before I got here, I was unsure if I wanted to join a class for editing videos or taking photos with a more advanced camera besides a phone camera. After trying out those two things it made me rethink about it, it was actually very easy and fun to do with no stress involved. I believe I would like to attend Inlet Grove because it would be much easier to transfer to, there is more classes that could be one of my interests besides art class, and the instructors seem to be easy to understand.