Know Your Staff: Officer Sessions


J.B. Guirand

911: Officer Sessions on the phone with an old partner.

How well do you know your staff and teachers? No really, how well do you? Probably not that well, but that’s about to change, with these interviews of our teachers and staff.

This week is on a person we all know we may not have spoken to her before but all have seen her around school every day, Officer Sessions.

Why become a police officer? I wanted to help people.

How long have you been an officer? I have been an officer for 18 years.

How long have you been working at Inlet? A little over a year. 

Do you like working at Inlet? Yes, I do.

What are your job duties?  My job duties include; secure campus, make sure the students are safe and, be a role model for them.    

If you did not become a police officer than what would you be?  I wasn’t a police officer I would become a Veterinarian.

 Do you have any dislikes? My only dislikes would be; dishonest people, discrimination and, injustice.

What school did you work at before Inlet? Before Inlet, I worked at Dwyer high school.

Which school do you like better? I like both schools equally but I like Inlet for its students and Dwyer for its football team.