Know Your Staff: Mr. Pauletti

HISTORY IS A MYSTERY: Mr. Pauletti giving a lecture.

How well do you know your staff and teachers? No really, how well do you? Probably not that well, but that’s about to change, with these interviews of our teachers and staff.

This week story is on a teacher most of us may not know, but once you meet him you will be glad that you did. without further ado, I present to you Mr. Pauletti.

 What high school did you attend?   I attended Antioch Community High School.

Is the subject your teaching something you enjoy? Yes, I love it I went to college for World History.

What is one thing you would improve about Inlet?  The one thing I would improve about Inlet would be its building because this building was built in 1955, I feel as if we have outgrown it.

How do you feel about dress-code? I like it I believe it takes pressure off the students especially the ones that might not be able to afford all the new types of clothing.

What grade do you prefer to teach? I don’t really have a preference on which grade to teach it doesn’t really bother me.

If you grew up in this generation would you have attended Inlet?  Yes, I would have, I love the different choice of careers, I didn’t have that at my school.