A peek behind the lab coat


Kristha Zapata-Palacios

ME TIME: The new biology teacher enjoying her break after introducing her AP students to basic chemistry.

One of the newest additions to Inlet Grove High School’s staff, Biology teacher Ms. Noor said she makes it her personal goal to get her students just as enraptured by the world around them as in her Room 707.

“I love Biology,” said Ms. Noor. “I’ve been in the field since I was a kid, having been exposed to it at a young age. I found my passion by working with animals like snakes, sea turtles, birds and many other animals. I have a lot of in-field experience that I would love to share with my students.”

Ms. Noor is replacing Mr. Desai, who also taught biology. Her interest began when she was 5, having played with the alligators and turtles back at her childhood home in Bangladesh. Even now she keeps close ties to any animal she interacts with, once having to care for 40 birds of different species all at once, and currently caring for a class pet named Franklin.

She said she strives to get her students engaged in the materials she teaches, adding that the amount of interest a student has in the subject directly relates to the amount of the information they will remember and use later on in their lives.

Ms. Noor also said she cherishes the relationship she has with her students.

“If you want your students to take you seriously, you have to have a good relationship with them,” said Ms. Noor.

She said she uses stories of her adventures in the field and her home life to provide a source of entertainment that accompanies her planned experiments and slideshows.

In fact, she has claimed to have planned many experiments, field trips and labs to stimulate the mind and body, and to bring new and unfamiliar information into the light.

She even likes to make jokes relating to her current subject, giving the once boring lecture an interesting and attention-grabbing twist.

“My method of teaching includes cracking little jokes and telling personal stories of my own to keep my students awake and give them a way to remember the material without having to use the book,” she said.

She explained that reading from a book only gives so much information, and that by experiencing things first-hand, students can truly come to understand the real concept of biology, which is to study the living world and its organisms.

While she might not be here for long, with her mind set on going to medical school after teaching at Inlet Grove, she plans on contributing as much as she can to giving her students information they will never find to be a “waste of time” to learn about.

“In my lesson plans there is always a goal,” she said, “but my personal drive is to give my students information they can utilize in the practical world. I couldn’t ask for anything more as their teacher.”