A fighting chance

With hard fight made by the defense, the Hurricanes lost 37-20 against Boca Christian.

First quarter ended with 0-6, kicking second quarter off with tackles made by Jahiem franklin, Michael Alford and Maurcie Law.

With only two second left in the second quarter Alphonso McClain made a touchdown making it 20-6.

The third quarter ended with a five yard gain by Alphonso McClain and a second down by Trenard Gain.

At the start of the fourth quarter a touchdown by Michael Alford brought the score to 30-12.

At the last second the fourth quarter a touchdown was made by Alphonso McClain bringing the score to 37-20 due to a two point conversion.

Yet again the Drumline, Cheerleaders and Dance Team entertained the crowd as the Hurricanes fought till the end.