A critic is born: Genesis Vicente


Courtesy kravis.org

NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Journalism Hurricane Genesis Vicente has been invited to become a student theater critic at the the Kravis Center of Performing Arts.

Genesis Vicente, a junior in Journalism 3 Honors, has been invited to the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts to be a student theater critic.

She will start the required workshops Oct. 6.

“I have never been offered something like this,” said Genesis, who was chosen by Mr. Hanif because she serves as GroveWatch.com Entertainment Editor.

“I’m actually thrilled to go because it’s a huge opportunity, right? It deals with critiquing — something I like to do — so when it’s an opportunity this big with a thing I like to do, I’m obviously going to do it, especially if it will look good on a college resume.”

Genesis writes stories, edits and publishes stories on GroveWatch. Doing something with the theater is new to her, she said; plays and drama isn’t really her thing.

“I usually just deal with movies and the likes, but theater has always interested me. It’s just that I wouldn’t be a good actor in front of a live audience.”

Genesis said she will take the offer because she has “always been excited about anything involving entertainment. Writing and largely writing about my passions is something I try to do as much as possible.”

She said she wants to make “a bunch of other people proud and herself proud by trying new things.”

“I haven’t even started yet,” she said, “and I’m already excited because I don’t really do much field reporting. I usually write off of the basic knowledge and information I have,” she said.

Genesis said she will publish her experience on GroveWatch. Even though that’s her job, she wants others to know what it was like.

“When the awards are coming out I want people to know that I wasn’t just sitting on my laptop writing random stuff and reviews, I want them to know that I was actually out there getting information and such.”