Homecoming Court 2018


Genesis Vicente

WELCOME TO PARADISE: Inlet Grove's Homecoming Dance of 2018 will take place on Sat., October 20 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.



Janie Aviles — Duke

Ariyana Towns — Duchess

Felisha Surin — Duchess

Cramyolee Rene — Duchess

Karutha Ulysse — Duchess

Carla Anderson — Duchess


Stanley Jean — Prince

Nia Filsaime — Princess

Genesis Vicente — Princess

Alyssa Stephens —Β  Princess

Jennifer Isaac — Princess


Elijah Carnakie — King

Morgans Oliver — King

Michael Alford — King

Crystal Eugene — Queen

Stepfanie Acosta — Queen

Isabella Pineda — Queen

Alyssa Tenorio — Queen

Vilaine Jorcilien — Queen

Ahmara Taylor — Queen


Voting will take place in front of the cafeteria on Thursday, October 18.