Family time or me time?


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

HOLLY JOLLY: Merry or not, it’s Christmas, and it’s coming up soon. What should you do when it’s family time?

The holidays are coming around again and you know what that means; family time. Christmas is seen as a time to be with your family, but what if you don’t have such a great relationship with your family? That’s okay.

There’s a familiar idea of families coming together and being happy for Christmas, but unfortunately, not all families are so holly jolly. Some people can’t stand the sight of their family, especially around the holiday time, and that’s okay as well.

The people who want to be alone for Christmas aren’t portrayed in most Christmas movies and if they are, they’re seen as the antagonist. There’s stigma around people who want to be alone on Christmas. They’re seen as bad or unhappy people, but that’s not the case for the most part.

If somebody’s family makes them feel poorly about themselves, it’s okay for them to not want to be affiliated with those people. Society shouldn’t make people feel bad for wanting to be comfortable during the holidays. It’s not our place to judge other people about things we don’t know the whole truth about. You can never be sure of what happens behind closed doors.

Somebody who was abused or neglected, for example, by their mother or father shouldn’t have to reintroduce themselves to the pain they went through because of a day that you’re supposed to be with you family.

People don’t tend to think about the other side of it, though. People with a relatively happy family can’t imagine Christmas without their family for the most part. Not wanting to be around family is unexplored territory to them.

If you want to be alone for Christmas, go ahead, do it! Stay home alone watching Christmas movies with Christmas tree shaped cookies that you don’t have to share. Life is too short to waste it being unhappy. It’s okay to make the choice that makes you happier.

In the end, your happiness is more important than everybody else’s. Having the weight on your shoulders of making everybody else happy, in turn, ends up making you unhappy. Worry about yourself this Christmas. Sing “Jingle Bell Rock” by yourself while you make cookies and other Christmas treats.

Even if you don’t like Christmas, make your Christmas a happy one. Don’t like Christmas movies? Watch a different genre. Don’t like Christmas cookies? Eat some Chips Ahoy (or Milanos if you’re feeling fancy). Do what makes you happy on Christmas. At the end of the day, your well-being is all that matters.