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Lady Canes

A day in a life


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Being a cheerleader is not as easy as it seems. We have to keep to a diet, exercise, and maintain our education and social lives. Our schedules are hectic and unpredictable. Such as a last minute performance in front of crowds to learning new cheers on the spot and out of nowhere. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work.

Our diet include watching what we eat and when we eat. In the morning we stay away from heavy foods. Something light is preferable such as cereal. Then we eat lunch as normal and gain energy. We drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep us hydrated. Snacks are also preferable but only snacks that are healthy.

Our school work is important and need to stay on top of it. If our GPA goes down below a 2.0 we will be suspended which means we are not allowed to cheer at games or do any activities related to cheer. We must be able to balance school and our sport.

Practice starts at 3:30. By then we should be dressed in proper comfortable clothes so we aren’t restricted in our movements. During practice we first go over the cheers we know, just to refresh our memory. Then we learn new cheers that we come up with or learn from other cheer sites but adding our own tricks and words. Then to make sure we remember the words and movements of our cheers, we practice at home.

By now we are prepared for our games. The night before the game we make sure to set up our cheer bags. We must make sure that everything we need for the game is there. From our entire uniform (bow to shoes), pom-poms, hair supplies and money for food.

Now we are ready for the game and we are confident to go out and perform to support our sports teams.

Editor’s note: This article is part of the “A Day in the Life” project by advanced students in the Journalism class.

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Hey, my name is Kristha, I'm aΒ junior in the Marine Technologies Academy. I love traveling to new places and being with my friends and family. After I...

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