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4th Annual Car Show

Inlet Grove Assistant Principal Mr. McDermott organized and constructed the fourth Annual Car Show on Feb. 9. “Highest Number of Registered cars to date,” said Mr. McDermott.

“Everyone had a great time and were excited to see the variety of cars from the 1929 Buick to the 2010 Camaro and everything in between.”said Mr. McDermott.

There was students teachers spectators, the registered car, the passengers, and volunteers. “We had around 200 people,” said Mr. McDermott. Thirteen Inlet grove students Volunteered in the car show event.

“It was fun and at the end the volunteers got a box of pizza from Mr. Mcdermott,” said Inlet Grove student Brianna Luberisse. “But my feet were hurting.”

“I thought the car show was a huge success,” said English teacher Ms. Cartwright. “It was the largest turn out of cars I have seen from any of our past car shows, and it was so nice to spend the morning viewing them,”

The event was held on a Saturday in which the temperature was around 75/80 degrees. “I was pleased at the number of registered cars and specifically the event, beautiful weather, good people and an all around fun day,” said Mr. McDermott. 

“I was hoping for 100 plus, but there is always next year!,” said Mr. McDermott.