Just keep swimming

ADVENTURE AWAITS: Florida Fishing Academy invited Mr. Rice and students on a field trip to  Intracoastal Peanut Island.

Marine Mechanics teacher Mr. Rice and students were invited by Florida Fishing Academy to a field trip to kayak and snorkel at Intracoastal Peanut Island.

“The main activities were kayaking and snorkeling,” said Mr. Rice. “All together they went swimming, fishing, and grilled.”

On Feb.13 the students arrived at Peanut Island around 10:30 a.m. and left at 2:00 p.m. There were other students besides the Maritime program, but all together there was a total of 25 students. “It was lit I brought burgers,” said senior Cameron Calloway.  

“The whole trip was fun,” said freshman student Michael Mills. “We had a lot of activities we could have did but snorkeling and fishing was my favorite things to do.”

“It was paradise,” said Mr. Rice. “Best trip of the year so far.”