Sharpen your knives

“It was an out of this world experience, I really enjoyed myself a lot,” said Dakota Sands, Culinary Academy.

IT’S GOOD: Culinary Canes competed in the Culinary Olympics on March, 1. The four competitors were Dayshawnie Poe, Dakota Sands, Gabriella McDermott, Tia Daniel, and Britney Campbell as the Manager.

Four Hurricanes competed in the Culinary Olympics in Orlando on March 1, where Britney Campbell, the manager for the Canes, received a Hospitality Excellence Award, and every student who competed won a $2,000 scholarship to Keiser University if they wish to continue their education there.

“I feel relieved,” said Chef Newman. “After two weeks of  practice and hard work it’s finally over.”

Her students — Tia Daniel, Dakota Sands, Gabriella McDermott, Dayshawnie Poe and Campbell — arrived to the event at 3 p.m. on Friday for the two-day event, and started competing at 4:35 p.m.

Before they actually competed, the Canes had a time limit for  preparing their tables and getting organized.

“Organization and teamwork is free,” said Chef. “If my team doesn’t have that we cannot compete at a high level.”

In the process of preparing the meals, there were many judges observing and giving their feedback on the work the students were doing. 

“After the feedback I actually felt really good about the outcome,” said Sands, a junior in the Culinary Academy.

The students had one hour to finish their gourmet meals. Their equipment included two butane burners and two tables. There were 5o schools that participated over the two days. Although Inlet didn’t place, they were included in the few schools that finished there meals on time. 

“I was very proud with my team,” McDermott said, “because there wasn’t a lot of schools who finished on time, but we did!”

“I still think we did good, knowing how much we practiced on our food,” Poe said. “In the process I cut my finger going too fast.”

Johnson and Wales University has sponsored the event for over 20 years, to give students real life experience and an opportunity to work together and showcase their culinary skills.

“These students and educators have worked extremely hard to prepare for tonight,” said Director of Admissions Heather Munns. “They all should be proud to be a part of an amazing group of future culinary talent.”

The students slept at the Rozen Plaza Hotel for the night, and on Saturday returned for the awards dinner where Campbell was recognized. Although she is an early admission student, she found time to help prepare for the competition.

The Canes  left the dinner early, due to them having to drive back down to West Palm Beach to get the students back home.

“It was incredible,” Sands said regarding the competition experience. “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“I would love to come back next year,” said Daniel. “From this experience now we know what they are looking for and are expecting, we should do better next time.”