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Dakota Sands
Hey, I'm Dakota, and I am junior here at Inlet Grove. A few words to describe me are rabbit lover and Disney-fanatic. I have a Labrador retriever named Maverick and a pet rabbit whose his name is -- you guessed it -- Disney! I have a passion for rabbits, since my old school had a garden with chickens and rabbits; I grew to love those rabbits since my first day of middle school. I am in the Culinary career program. When I grow up I would love to be a baker because baking is something I love to do and I would like others to enjoy what I create!

Dakota Sands, Food Editor

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πšƒπ™·π™΄ πš‚πšƒπš„π™³π™΄π™½πšƒ π™½π™΄πš†πš‚ πš‚π™Έπšƒπ™΄ 𝙾𝙡 π™Έπ™½π™»π™΄πšƒ π™Άπšπ™Ύπš…π™΄ π™²π™Ύπ™Όπ™Όπš„π™½π™Έπšƒπšˆ 𝙷𝙸𝙢𝙷 πš‚π™²π™·π™Ύπ™Ύπ™»
Dakota Sands