What’s Cooking? Cultural Teacher Lunches


Dakota Sands

THAT’S A WRAP: Plating the first of many teacher lunches coming this year, as shown a Chicken Pita Wrap.

On most Thursdays during the school year the Culinary Arts Academy creates teacher lunches and delivers them to teachers and staff at Inlet Grove.

In order for the academy to make a profit, the teachers and staff who would like to order a teacher lunch have to pay $7 for each meal.

This year the Culinary Arts students are introducing Culinary Passports to Inlet Grove staff who order a teacher lunch. The passports will include what we are making each week and where in the world the dish is a traditional staple.

The passports will be handed out to teachers and staff, and for each lunch on the passport that the teacher orders, Culinary students will check off what the teacher or staff member ordered for that week.

Last week was the first teacher lunch of the 2018-2019 school year, and the first place on the passports to which the teachers traveled was Athens, Greece.

To stick with the Greek theme, the Culinary students cooked and plated a pan-seared Chicken Pita Wrap, or for a vegetarian option, a Vegetarian Pita wrap, both served with a side of chips and humus. Dessert was Greek yogurt topped withΒ pistachios, honey and apples.

We Culinary Arts students are excited to experiment with the passports this year. Hopefully the teachers and staff will like the idea as well.

Stay tuned as each week the Culinary department creates a new teacher lunch to present.