What is love?


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FROM THE HEART: A homemade gift can mean more than something bought.

Its that time again, Valentines Day. The time where stores fill up with valentines we can give to our friends, family, or significant other. Special flower arrangements are being ordered to offices, and love is in the air. Valentines day is dedicated to love and showing your love ones that you appreciate them. This is the day where couples and friends buy each other gifts to show that they care for one another, but do you actually have to buy a gift to prove that you care?

My point is that you don’t have to buy a valentines for your special someone, you could make something personal. Something made from scratch has more meaning than a heart shaped candy such as, a home made card. When you make something from the heart it shows the person you made the gift for how much you care about them. Don’t get me wrong, store bought valentines are great, but if you are planning something special then try to create your gift.

Maybe use your career as a way to influence your creations. Culinary Arts students could bake something sweet, Medical students making an anatomical heart shaped card, or Pre-Architecture students could build a sculpture to gift their special someone. If you need any idea on what to make, Pinterest andΒ Youtube can help. Buzzfeed Nifty videos are my go-to for crafting ideas, but you can use any resources to make your present for Valentines Day.

If you want to use Buzzfeed Nifty videos for ideas the link is down below.