What’s Cooking? A.C.T.I.O.N.


Staff Photo

Chef Tammy Newman

Action is Chef Newman’s and Albert Einstein’s favorite word.

But for Chef, it is for a different reason.

Action to Chef means “All Children Take Initiative On Nutrition.”

She and her class came up with it a while back and she has stuck with it since, she said.

Chef has a huge passion for healthy nutrition, and is always trying to inspire others to as well. Whenever her Culinary Academy students are cooking in the kitchen we always try to make something healthy.

Even though the Culinary freshmen cook for themselves in class, Chef has to also cook, for the Inlet Grove staff’s beloved “Teacher Lunches” on Thursdays. She and her Culinary classes recently had orders for 40 teachers and counting!

That is a lot of work on Chef, but she always finds a way to pull through. Her upper-level students spend their lunch hour preparing the teacher lunches, then eat after. Some of them would still be in the kitchen when it is time for third period to begin.

Students assume that Culinary is all about eating and cooking. I can tell you from first-hand experience that it’s not.

Freshmen have to clean the floors, wash, rinse, and sanitize the dishes (in that order), and clean more dishes even if they are not ours.

Some students also think that it is an easy class. Not true. When we make something in the kitchen we can mess up the recipe, so we need to figure out how to fix it and make it right!

To earn an A in Culinary mostly comes from participation. The more effort you put into helping others in the kitchen, the better the grade you get.

The rule in the kitchen is everything has to be done before you leave for your next class.

That, of course, requires action.