Who cares?


Courtesy of patch.com

CLOTHES: They are what we wear to express who we are, not for others to judge what we are not.

Who should care or make a big deal about others and the clothes they wear? No one should, but there are some people who do.

In my case, I love to wear a pair of shorts or pants and T-shirts, because they make me feel safe and comfortable. But if I wear a dress or something formal and tight, people make a big deal about it. They stop me to say, “Oh my gosh, that looks so good on you,”or “You should wear a dress like that every day!”

Is that supposed mean that I don’t dress nicely every day or I don’t look nice in what I like to wear?

What people say shouldn’t affect what you wear or like to wear. The clothes you wear describe you, your personality, and what you are all about.

Just because others say what you wear isn’t perfect on you, doesn’t mean you need to change who you are as a person. Changing the clothes you wear changes your image and you lose your identity.