Food is cultural

LITTLE CUBA AT INLET: Ms. Companioni set up a little table with bongos, a Cuban painting and a Cuban sombrero to show students a bit of Cuba’s culinary style.

With special guest Ms. Rivero providing the entertainment on piano and playing Cuban songs, Spanish instructor Ms. Companioni hosted a miniature Don Ramon Cuban restaurant in the auditorium during third period on Friday, Nov 10.

“It was good and introduced me to a new culture and variety of spices,” said Janell Michelle, a sophomore in the Medical Academy.

In Ms. Companioni’s Spanish 2 class students are “studying about Spanish conversations and the food and its culture,” she said.

While at the ” Cuban restaurant,” students were seated onstage at a long table arranged with tablecloth, flowers, napkins and eating utensils.

Ms. Companioni placed the food order and picked up the lunch earlier that morning. As she went around the table, she asked questions in Spanish that the students had to answer in Spanish.

¿Prefieres carne de res o pollo?  means “Do you prefer beef or chicken?” ¿Qué le gustaría beber? “What would you like to drink?”

Ms. Companioni has been at Inlet Grove for three years. This is the second trip Ms. Companioni has done since last year’s visit to Torero’s authentic Mexican restaurant.