Student success

MEDICAL FUTURE: Mrs. Paramore and three of her students (Left to Right) Joliene Ciceron, Carolee Nichols, Widline Lafantant, were given the oppurtunity to attend the T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society Award luncheon On Saturday March 16, 2019

A few medical Canes and Mrs. Paramore medical instructor at Inlet Grove attended the second annual board introduction and award ceremonial luncheon of  T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society.

T. Leroy Jefferson was the first African American doctor in Palm Beach County. He would ride his bike to people’s homes to give them medical treatment and care.

The event was held at PGA national with 180 people who attended.

The foundation introduced their new board members and gave community awards.

The three students Widline Lafantant, Joliene Ciceron, and Carolee Nichols were chosen by Mrs. Paramore.

“Yes I did choose these students based on good grades and who was able to attend on a Saturday.”

The students were able to meet professionals in their future medical career choice, including Dr. Rodger L. Duncan III.  (Anesthesiologist who was one the members who created the medical symposium seven years ago and director of the youth department for T. Leroy.)

“They were motivated because it was a room full of black medical professionals” said Mrs. Paramore,  “and they were inspired by them to see people just like them with a similar upbringing to do and be in the position they dream of being in one day.”

The students had a good experience and inspiration.

“It was a really good event, and hope to take even more students next time.”