Future engineers

“A series of sessions that will challenge these young students to dream and imagine,” Mr. Lambaz.

ROAD TO SUCCESS: Mr. Lambaz’ and his Pre-Architecture/Engineering students went on a trip to the Lockheed Martin Facility on Feb. 12.

Mr. Lambaz ,Pre-Architecture/Engineering director, took students on a trip to Lockheed Martin Facility with Ms. Rachel as the chaperone on Feb 12.

Lockheed Martin Corporation is an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company with worldwide interests. The Canes arrived to the Lockheed facility at 9 am and left around 1 pm.

“It is an event designed to encourage them to investigate the world of engineering, science and the variety of career paths available to them in their future endeavors,” said Mr. Lambaz. “It was a great way to expose our students to the latest software and programs that is used in the field.”

The trip was available for all career students who could receive benefits from the trip. 

“It was engaging and innovative to strike and fulfill our students wide imagination,” said Lambaz.