Senior Appreciation


Courtesy of Staff

I’M FULL: Chef Newman took her certified culinary seniors to lunch at the Yard House on Thursday May, 2.

Chef Newman showed her appreciation to all her certified Seniors by taking them on a tour through Whole Foods and a luncheon at the Yard House.

“After a quick tour through Whole Foods and sampling new things,” said Newman. “Students and I sat down at Yard House for a nice luncheon examining an extensive menu and watching waiters in action.”

The trip was for the certified Seniors in Culinary but some Juniors came along. The seniors checked out on Friday, May 3rd and Chef Newman wanted to show her appreciation to them before they left because, they have catered to others for so many years.

“ I would like to send them off with appreciation for their hard work,” said Newman. “Please allow students in your class wearing nice clothes and shoes.”

Chef stayed by the front gate to make sure there wasn’t problems with letting them in. Saying “I do not know who is at the gate tomorrow, but I will be there to let them in.”

Chef gave out senior cords for students earning their industry certification.

“It was a good day,” said Chef. “Thank you teachers for letting students attend.”