Tropical Storm Erika Attacks

Jamie Johnson

Erika rose off the Atlantic coast of Africa, was immediately classified as a tropical storm on Aug. 24, and proceeded to damage some countries and threaten others.
According to news reports, the storm had a massive effect on Caribbean countries such as Puerto Rico, where it left 200,000 people without electricity and took millions of dollars in crops and farmland.
At least 20 people died on the island of Dominica after 13 inches of rain fell in about half a day, causing what the prime minister called “monumental” destruction.
By midweek, Erika apparently was heading for Florida.
β€œI’m one of those people who have never experienced a hurricane,” said AAni’yah Wilmer, a freshman Journalism student. β€œSo, I was excited yet nervous for that storm.”
Although according to meteorologists, Palm Beach County was due to be affected by Erika, by late Saturday they were saying that Erika was getting weak and would not hit as hard as they had predicted when she was more active.
Once a bully, Erika by Sunday evening had weakened to nothing but storms with heavy rainfall.
β€œI was very excited about the fact that there would be no school on Monday,” said Shoumeda Flerigene, a senior in the Medical Academy. β€œBut I’m glad that Erika decided to pardon us. A lot of damage could have been done.”