Hurricanes Spirit Week!

CANES GOT SPIRIT! Last week students and staff participated in Spirit Week leading up to the homecoming game and dance.

For the school year of 2019-20 Inlet Grove’s Spirit Week was held from October 1 through October 4.

This was a chance for students to creatively express their sense of fashion and show school spirit.

The days were as following:

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Jersey Day

Wednesday: Twin Day

Thursday: Mix-Match Day

Friday: Nerd Day

Day one kicked off Spirit Week with students wearing their favorite team jersey. “Jersey Day had the best outfits,” said Alex Saint-Fort, a Senior in the Pre-Engineering Academy.

Day two was Twin Day; students and staff paired up with a one or more of their peers and wore matching outfits.

Day three was Mix-Match Day; participants dressed in fun random colors to show off their silly, creative outfits. “Mix-Match Day had the best outfits,” said Malonnedie Tenis, a Junior in the Medical Academy. “Most people participated in this day and the outfits were nice.”

“The spirit week was interesting,” said Joshua Domingue, a Junior Pre-Law student. “The best two days were Mix-Match Day and Nerd Day”

The final day is of spirit week was Nerd Day, where students and staff dressed up in their best nerd day fits.

On Friday the junior class also wore their class shirts and seniors wore their handmade golden crowns. This was a way for them to represent their class during the pep rally held on Friday.

“My favorite day was Friday” said Malonnedie “It was a day for everyone to represent their class”

“My favorite day out of all the days in spirit week was Friday which was Nerd Day/Pep Rally,” said Annachecka Noel a Junior in the Medical Academy. “It was fun seeing the best class (c/o 2021) rep our junior class shirts.”

Spirit Week led into the Pep Rally at the end of the week; which is a fun event for the class body to participate in and support the football team and their upcoming homecoming game later on that night.

“I think it went well,” said Mrs. Day. “Students showed a lot of spirit, leading up to the pep rally. I like how everyone came together to show hurricane spirit to support their football and cheer team.”