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  • Girls volleyball conditioning will start Wednesday.
  • Girls and boys basketball is coming up.
Tahalia Rennie

Tahalia Rennie, Features Editor

Hey, my name is Tahalia (tuh-HAY-lia), I'm a Junior in the Culinary Academy and a second year Journalism student. I have a passion for food and I enjoy cooking and learning health and food science. I also love photography and art. On my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family and experiencing new places, which is why I plan on traveling the world once I graduate.

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EAT THE RAINBOW: Todays vegetarian option for Teacher Lunches was a veggie wrap made with carrots, sweet peppers, avocado, cucumbers, and hummus, all wrapped up in a spinach tortilla.

Wrap it up

February 20, 2020
GRAND PRIZE: After votes were cast it was time for the awards to be passed out. The Principals Award aka the Best in Show award goes to the 1969 Olympic Gold Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Convertible. Congratulations to Clay Scott on the first place prize, and all the other winners and participants.

And the winner is…

February 19, 2020
CAR GALLERY: This year annual car show was a hit. Participants showed off their unique cars before judges announced who has the best ride in the various categories. Car varied in different models, colors, engines, and interiors. Take a look...

Hot wheels

February 19, 2020
ZOOM IN: This years Inlet Grove Car Show featured a lot of nice rides, but the creativity doesnt just stop at the exterior -- it is also inside the car and under the hood. The details are not only innovative, but give a remarkable representation of what a person can show through their vehicle.

Behind the scene

February 6, 2020
BASKETBALL CHAMPION: Kobe Bryant was a famous basketball player who led the Los Angeles Lakers to five championships. He lost his life on Jan. 26 in a fatal helicopter crash. He was a husband and a father to four daughters (one of which died in the helicopter crash as well).

Long live the legend

January 29, 2020
FISH N CHIPS: The menu for this Thursday teacher lunches was a classic Fish N Chips (fried fish and french fries) with a side of homemade tarter sauce for dipping.

A taste of England

January 16, 2020
 I will always put the kids first. I would do it all again. Dr. Banks


November 21, 2019
CHEER MINI ME: Gabriella Cartwright spends the night with the Lady Canes participating in their cheers.

Cheer baby

October 28, 2019
HOME TURF INVASION:  Suncoast crashes Inlet Grove Homecoming.

Rivalry battle

October 4, 2019
WHO LET THE NERDS OUT? As our spirit week comes to an end, students and staff participate in the last day by wearing their best nerd outfit. Glasses, suspenders, and high socks is the new trend! 

Participant: Jordyn Bennett, a junior in the Pre-Engineering Academy.

Nerd Day

October 4, 2019
LETS MIX IT UP: For the 3rd day of spirit week students mix matched their outfits ( mainly their shoes).

Mix Match Day

October 3, 2019
TWINNY TWIN TWIN: Today is the second day of spirit week where students and staff participated by wearing the same or similar outfit as a friend. There were also a few triplets. 

Participants: Fedelinie Montrose, Cramyolee Rene, and Jada Prashad juniors all in the Medical Academy.

Twin Day

October 2, 2019
REP YOUR TEAM! To start off spirit week students and staff participated by dressing out in their favorite team jersey.

Participants: Jasmine Myrthyl and Knicholas  Boston

Jersey day

October 1, 2019
NEW YEAR, NEW CHEF: Culinary teacher from the Bronx, NY,  Chef Hall advising his 3rd hour class about what to expect for the new school year.

New Chef In Town

September 13, 2019
COVER UP: Because of the 
 dress code regulation SGA now has created a  sweatshirt for students to wear instead of their own sweaters for $15.


August 20, 2019
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