What’s new Juniorooo?


Taylor Douglas

MEMBERS OF 2K17: Some of the juniors who say their class is the best are (from left) Chris Hernandez, Midline Geffard, Liarra Thompson, Mitchel Delsume, Daisy Quiroga and Bierhof Lucien.

Students in their junior year of high school will make critical decisions that could have a major impact on the next five years of their lives, according to “The Importance of High School Junior Year,” an article at quitcareers.com.

Inlet Grove High School has a lot coming up this year and members of the junior class say they hope it will be a good year.

“I feel like it’s going to be an interesting year,” said Mildred Augustin a junior in the Medical Academy.

Staff members are reminding students that junior year is an important time to get themselves together for standardized tests (SAT, ACT, and PSAT), as well as improving their GPAs, preparing for college and more.

“The best class on campus as everyone knows is the class of 2017,” said Scott McDermott, the 11th grade guidance counselor. “They have to take the SAT and ACT, also we are getting them ready for college, and we have got to get them on board with passing test scores.”

Students say junior year is the time to work hard, but it’s also about getting loose and having fun. “I’m looking forward to some fun this year and more pep rallies to show that 2K17 is the best class,” said Nyoka Fowler, a junior in the Medical Academy.

“We have a lot of junior trips planned,” Mr. McDermott added. College tours, a Bush Gardens trip, Homecoming, Haunted House, prom and other activities are on the schedule.

“I can’t wait for Homecoming,”  said Dharma Alcius a junior in the TV Production Academy.