Feeling anxious?

  According to neattoday.org, 70 percent of teens have major anxiety. Many even admitted it to themselves.  There are several students here at Inlet that have major anxiety or  depression like myself. I am here to let you know that you are not alone. I have a few steps and several tips on how to reduce anxiety.

 To take care of your anxiety, you must take medication for it and go see a doctor. You need to keep your brain healthy by talking to a doctor and getting the right medication for you. Make sure you have somebody to talk to about your emotions, like a trusted adult , a counselor, or even a therapist.

 Suffering with anxiety and depression myself was tough for me. I had a panic attack at school and the police had to take me to the hospital. As soon as I got out, my doctor immediately put me on medication, therapy, and case management.

 Another thing you can do in order to reduce anxiety, is to practice some mindfulness and meditation skills. You can research  some mindfulness skills on YouTube or start a breathing exercise. If your religious, try to pray to God every night to guide and help you with this illness. You can even perform crystal healing, with crystals you can practice a meditation routine with them. Keep them in your pocket wherever you go or keep them in your existence.

 Keeping a journal can help out with your anxiety.Writing out your emotions or how you feel during the day can relieve your stress, keep thoughts organized, boost your memory, and it allows you to self-reflect. Research says that writing in a journal evokes mindfulness and helps writers remain present within the mind. Keeping a journal and writing your thoughts, presents an opportunity for emotional catharsis, the process of releasing strong and repressed emotions, and helps the brain regulate feelings.

If you have anxiety, you are not alone. I provided a few steps and several tips on how to reduce anxiety and depression, since I struggle with it myself. Talk with your doctor to provide you medicine and therapy to keep your brain on track. Practice some mindfulness skills for yourself. Keep a journal to help organize your thoughts and to help regulate your feelings. Its okay to be anxious at  times and you may face some challenges along the way. Always talk to someone and get some help. There is always hope in the future so don’t give up.