Covid-19 vaccine

Malonnedie Tanis, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, January 5th, 2020, Mr. Hanif asked the attendance question  “What is your view regarding people taking the coronavirus vaccine?.” Here were the responses:

“I would be hesitant because although they tested it, it was still rushed. So there could be room for error. Also, the people that I’ve seen taken it, have had no major issues yet. I’m also  paranoid so that doesn’t help.”

                                                      “I think that the vaccine should be tested more before giving it out so far I’ve seen doctors take it I would like to see a live trial and weeks after to see the end  result.”

 “I believe people shouldn’t take it because of its still a brand new vaccine and it takes months to perfect, so that means that there’s going to be trial and errors with the medicine and they need people to test it out on and I will personally not be one of those people.”

                                                        “I don’t have any view on it, i don’t really think or talk about it.”

“I think they should have taken more time to create the vaccine. They created it too quickly.”

                                                       “I wouldn’t personally take it because everything is so unknown and I wouldn’t want to risk taking it.”

see when I went to the doctors they said I was immune but my mom and sister weren’t and they were telling us about it and from my perspective it seems ok but I would hope for them to keep working on it for longer though”.

                                                       “I think that everyone has a choice so like it’s their decision to do what they wanna do. But personally, I wouldn’t take it now because it seemed so rushed. But I do feel like this vaccine will be a requirement to take especially for school.”

I don’t trust it because I feel that the vaccine was rushed and people have been having bad reactions to the vaccine.”

                                                         “I‘m very skeptical about it I’ve seen a lot of wrong things about it and the side effects,”

I don’t really know about the vaccine, but surely it’s going to be helpful 

                                                          “I would not take it yet. I feel like all of this is rushed. I understand that America wants all of this to be over, but I feel like, with things like this, it should be treated with care.”

That it can hurt you but it doesn’t really help with the new strand.”

                                                           “I’m very weird out about since they’ve been working on a  medicine for a year and they have nothing then all the sudden they have a vaccine for the virus”

I’ve heard bad rumors about it so I still need more information if it’s reliable or not and was made in a short amount of time”.

                                                            “Bruh I saw a lot of memes about it”

they need to wait”

                                                            “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

i think they should wait and see how it affects other people first but I would not take it.”

                                                            “They going to suffer, they may die.”

I don’t know about the after-effects.”


I don’t think it’s a good idea, I think it was pretty rushed.”

                                                               ” I think it’s dumb, I saw a girl with her face full of bumps. they should just wait for the cure.”

It doesn’t seem bad, I think it is okay.”

                                                              “I don’t think they should be doing that right now”

“I wouldn’t personally do it because I never took a vaccine before so I wouldn’t take this one.”

                                                                “People should wait cause they don’t really know if it actually works or not”

(・_・ ) I don’t know…it seems kind of suspicious? After I heard about two allergic reactions…yeah, I’m not sure how to feel about it.”

                                                              ”I don’t think it’s a good idea for the vaccine I feel like its kind of a bad effect.”

Not sure but hope people are ok when they are taking it”

                                                               ”I’m not taking it.

yeah they should wait just in case”

                                                               “I think some kind of side of effects are gonna turn out bad. and some people might not get well am not really sure.”

My view about this is that people taking this vaccine are something that people don’t know what is in it. Why do people take a different vaccine from the one Joe Biden and Obama took which was the real one”.

                                                             “I don’t think that people should take the vaccine because they never publicly gave information about testing the vaccine to see if it works. I find this very suspicious because we see people taking the vaccine and fainting and I don’t think everyone’s system can handle the vaccine.”

 “i think they are trying to kill all the black people because they only made black people take it”

                                                                   “My mom is a travel nurse and she gives out the vaccine and she even said that she’s going to wait.”