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BRANDING: Social media marketing is now a new form of income from being a influencer.

Mya Jones , Staff Writer

Lately, being an influencer or wanting to influence others has been a trend. You might ask what is an influencer and what does the job consist of? An influencer is a person who is marketing through social media and seeking endorsements and people who have reached an expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

Now people have made full time careers out of social media marketing. An influencer can make up toΒ  Β $30,000 to $100,000Β per year by promoting products like clothing, food, hotels and even vitamin supplements on their pages. Users with more than 1 million followers can make more than $100,000, or even up toΒ $250,000, per sponsored post according to

Following this information social media influencers are making up to a nine to five salary, might even make more than an average worker depending on their following and what they are promoting.