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JUSTICE: The current headlines in which has been the top news stories lately from police brutality to stopping hate crimes.

Mya Jones , Staff Writer

George Floyd, Daunte Wright, and Jacob Blake have all been victims of police brutality. Sadly out of three of these men only one is living, but not at his full potential. Jacob Blake was left paralyzed after August 23, 2020, from the shooting that occurred in the state of Minneapolis, the same state that was also held the killing of George Floyd months prior.Β  Jacob Blake’s cases in January did not receive justice from police brutality just like many others.

Β In January the prosecutors cleared officer Shesky of any crime charges from August 2, 2020.Β  The movement for Floyd’s case is still at trial trying to obtain justice for him, his family, and the community who has faced injustice. Floyd’s case is monumental beyond so many reasons this time there is proof besides a body cam but live footage and also the uproar of the community coming together to stand in the message of ”I can’t breath” quoted by the deceased George Floyd.

While fighting for justice in this movement a recent case sparked headlines, Daunte Wright was fatally killed by officer Kim Potter on April 11th, in the year of 2021. Officer potter says she mistakenly fired her gun when she thought it was her taser instead according to New York TimesΒ

Officer Kim Potter has not been arrested let alone charged for manslaughter. Potter recently decided to resign her position until further notice. However, there has not been an immediate force of action towards officer Potter for her actions.