Safety matters

SAFETY: To collaborate with the SNO article these are pictures demonstrating the outlook that local stores have for COVID-19.

Mya Jones, Staff Writer

 Ever since COVID-19 plagued the world, citizens have been trying to protect themselves from acquiring this disease that invades your respiratory system. The government has put forth regulations to help protect the people and the spread of COVID-19. The regulations may include proper distancing, quarantine, and proper protective gear. 

However, with all these procedures put in place to help the spread of COVID-19 thousands of people have died from this disease or have contracted it. The virus has three stage symptoms that each possible victim can go through from severe, mild, and no symptoms. In today’s pandemic, the symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days after exposure.

In many cases that have been reported from COVID-19, many victims didn’t even know they where symptomatic. Asha Gilbert, a digital trending reporter for Savannah Morning News, stated, “Unbeknownst to me, I walked around like many other Americans not knowing I had COVID”. In this sense, many Americans have walked around positive for COVID-19 while still trying to protect them selves, but unbeknownst to them they already contracted it.

Shedding light on the urgency of protecting local citizens in this pandemic has been the main focus of  many multiply media outlets such as ABC news they post the latest Coronavirus updates. To find this information visit ABC news for current updates.  The regulations that have been put in place to protect local and globally have helped contribute to lesson the numbers of active COVID-19 victims.

On the verge of this pandemic, the government and local officials continue to instill the importance of protecting ourselves, while immunizations are being processed. According to ,Congress has enacted legislation and the President and the executive agencies have promulgated rules and regulations and taken other action to implement responses to COVID-19 to alleviate economic and societal impacts.” No matter the precautions you may take you may still be at risk for the virus so it is important to listen to the procedures set in stance to help limit the spread of COVID-19 at all cost. 

The questions you have to ask yourself daily are: “Am I safe, while going grocery shopping , while at work, and being around my family?”