Pretty privilege in a bug’s life

    Yes the bugs experience it too.


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LADYBUG: An insect that gets a pass, unlike others of unfavorable image.

Layla Mahoney , Staff Writer

Pretty privilege is something that has affected most of us before and the bugs are experiencing it too. You want to know how?

Well for starters, we kill moths, but not butterflies. They are basically the same thing. They do the same things.

You’re probably thinking, “No, moths are annoying. They fly into my house and flap and get all up in my face.” Well if you leave your lights on it’s bound to happen, because, well, moths are attracted to LIGHT.

You know what else is attracted to light?  That’s right, you guessed it: butterflies. They don’t flap around your face or fly into your house because they rest at night. Not sleep, rest.  It’s weird. Butterflies are weird.

But if you were to leave your lights on during the day, they will fly into your house. Instead of trying to kill it, you’re going to try to catch it, or gently get it out of your home; while if that was a moth, you’re going to try to scare it out of your home, or you’re going to attempt to murder it.

The next example of pretty privilege is bees and wasps. Yes I saw that. Don’t look at me like that.  You know it’s true, I know it’s true, and it’s time that we had a talk about it.

Bees are the prettier wasps. Yes some of us are scared of both, and some of us are scared of only one of them.

The point is bees have more pretty privilege than wasps do. Wasps have this bad rep that they’re evil or just straight up mean, and bees are looked at as these angels and they’re so nice and so cute.

They are not. They are neutral just like wasps. Just like bees, wasps pollinate flowers, and they protect farmers’ crops from bugs like locusts. So in reality wasps may or may not be better than bees. I’m not confirming anything.

People think that wasps sting for no reason. WRONG. Just like bees, they sting out of fear, or when they are aggravated. But because bees are prettier or more adorable than wasps, all of that is excused, and they put the blame on wasps.

Our last example is any beetle and a ladybug. Now I’m not going to  say that I’ve been a part of this scenario, but I was very scared of any beetle, and at the time I did not know that ladybugs were beetles.

Let’s get into this pretty privileged situation. Let’s take a random black beetle and a ladybug. In this example you are sitting at a bench eating whatever you are eating and a black beetle emerges from absolutely nowhere. You start screaming or you kill it — and feel disgusted because you can’t wash your hands.

Let’s take that same example and say a ladybug emerges out of nowhere. You let it live and continue eating because it’s a ladybug.

The ladybug lived because it was pretty. It lived because it was a pretty ladybug.

Pretty privilege.