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THANKFUL: Giving thanks to Teachers!

Kiyah Paris, Staff Writer

When you think back to your childhood, you can probably remember that one special teacher who was passionate, caring, expanded your life skills, and even took the time to help you grow as a person. Maybe that was the role model that inspired you to become an educator. It is now a wonderful thing to say that you have become that person for your students! This is teacher appreciation week, a moment to remember great educators who walk in their classrooms every morning with the goal of motivating and inspiring students in your care. You are appreciated for embracing a diverse set of learning needs.

Educators, teaching seems to become a lot different in this time in society. Yet, in this time you all have adapted to these challenges and decided to still show up for your students each and every day. I know this has been a hard time, and moment for you all, and I know you guys are taking it day by day. But I believe each and every educator deserves some appreciation! All of the dedication put in throughout the school year to help each and every student you all deserve a huge appreciation.

Please know that you matter, and everything you are doing makes a difference in all of your student’s lives. Just a simple thank you for your patience, willingness to teach students from a distance. I want you to know that you are doing more than enough. Our society depends on you educators, education is powerful so we thank you all for this gift of knowledge. You, instructors, are role models to the public, that help guide students through the challenges of education. 

The world thanks you, students thank you, and most of all I, Kiyah Paris thanks each and every educator! You are appreciated.