Technology taking over

DEPENDING ON TECHNOLGY: Technology is consistently evolving. Will society continue to depend on it?

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DEPENDING ON TECHNOLGY: Technology is consistently evolving. Will society continue to depend on it?

Mya Jones , Staff Writer

Recently Alex Wolf, filmed a mini documentary about how technology is taking over society and how the producers who make the technology are benefiting off of societies independency on it. Tech philosopher Alex wolf presented a question to the world on her blog Alex Wolf. Co she states ”  Does the world benefit from our discoveries and modifications, or does it suffer?” intercom.

Bringing this question to the forefront it allowed discussion on how society uses technology. Outsourcing skills through technology designing new tools to help make life easier for society has caused for dependency on it. The average ”Millennials are on their phones 5.7 hours per day, while baby boomers devote 5 hours to their smartphones” stated from kommando tech. From these numbers, this is not the average healthy time to spend on a held hand device, 3 hours is suppose to be the amount of time to be on a phone concluded by elitecontent marketer . The dependency that society has on technology can be referred to a short or long-term reliance on machines and techniques to evaluate, satisfy or resolve health problems. According to pubmed.ncbi

Society has used technology as a backbone to look up common answers that previous researchers had to look through books and read and analyze to find the information. Now with a simple google search, the answers are accessible to all without to much work. Society has access to many social media platforms that has posed as hindering acts to them, from mental health to anxiety.

Many studies from ”Indicate that continuous use of computers disturbs sleep in both young adults and children. Some studies have noted that there may be a relationship between the use of online social networks and depression and anxiety”.

Technology will continue to evolve and progress in society the question is will it take over?