Know your staff : Mr. Baker

Leah Robinson, Staff Writer

Mr. Baker is Inlet’s student services and case manager. What he is passionate about contributes to what he does in and outside of school.

“I’m most passionate about uplifting and inspiring our youth in my community. Outside of my job here at Inlet Grove, I’m also an assistant cub scout master.” said Mr. Baker. 

Watching the progress of students and becoming a great source of inspiration to students, is one of the things he said he enjoys most. “It’s very cool that you see how you’ve really impacted someone’s life and they are successful,” he said. “And you can see the little things that you’ve talked to them about that maybe I don’t remember in my conversations with them, but you can actually see them practicing it and being successful being good fathers, good wives, and being good people in society.”

Mr. Baker said he is passionate about Florida state football as well as hunting and fishing. He is married to his high school sweetheart, who he has known since his senior year of high school at Royal Palm Beach High School. He also has a daughter named Adelaide Grace.

He is a property owner in Marianna Florida. “The property has been passed down to family since slavery, passed down from generations.”

Along with his generational property, Mr. Baker’s name was also passed down. “My name Moses has been passed down from generation to generation. If I have a son one day, I will continue that tradition. 

“I would like to describe myself as an extremely passionate go-getter, and a reliable and genuine person.” he said.