Know Your Staff: Coach Jones


Laushana Jasmin

GO CANES: Jaquedia Jones is Inlet Grove’s ESE Coordinator and new cheer coach.

Laushana Jasmin, Staff Writer

Jaquedia Jones is the new cheer coach. She is from Pahokee, Florida. 

During the month that she has been employed at Inlet Grove, she has already formed bonds with all of the cheerleaders and other students around campus. 

“I love seeing the girls gain confidence and enjoy what they do,” said Coach Jones. “I also love bonding with them.”

She is currently working on receiving her Educational Specialist Degree in Leadership at Nova Southeastern University.

“Having great communication skills, always being willing to learn, leading by example, and listening just as much as you speak is what makes a great leader,” said Coach Jones. 

Her day to day responsibilities as the cheer coach include teaching the girls to be accountable, ensuring that the girls represent the school in a positive way, teaching new material, overseeing the cheerleaders during games, and supervising for safety purposes. 

She describes the work environment at Inlet Grove as being very supportive and a reminder of her previous job in Pahokee.

Before coming to Inlet, she was the ESE Coordinator at Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune Elementary.

“Coach is very passionate about teaching that extends beyond the classroom,” said Ja’Niaya Jean Baptiste, the captain of the cheer team. “She enjoys mentoring young ladies about self worth and respect”.

“I’d like the team to perfect the art of cheer and start competing, I want us to be respected like the other squads throughout the country.” said Coach Jones.

“I think the biggest goal is to show you all that a group of African American females can come together for a positive purpose and function in any setting without unnecessary drama” she said.