Know Your Staff: Coach Banks


Kelvi' McCray

SPORTS NEWS: Coach Banks is the new athletic director at Inlet Grove.

Kelvi' McCray, Staff Writer

Hikeem Banks, also known as Coach Banks is the new Athletic Director at Inlet Grove. 

Coach Banks is from Pahokee, Florida and graduated from Pahokee High.

“My job here is to schedule everything regarding sports and make sure students are on track academically.”

He said students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to play any sports, if not they would be deemed ineligible to play.

“My plan is to create student athletes, to prepare them for college and to turn the program into a winning program,” he said. “Inlet Grove is not entirely acknowledged  for its sports teams, however I think I can turn that around.”

He said another part of being an athletic director is hiring new coaches. “I know who would be the perfect match to be a coach by seeing who is open to teaching fundamentals because most kids here at Inlet are not advanced so it takes patience.”

He said being the athletic director is not just a one man job. Banks said, “It’s no pressure because I have great staff and personnel to help me make big decisions that would affect the whole program.”

“My love for working with kids and sports influenced me to become an athletic director, also because I believe I can change the sports culture here at Inlet.”