Know Your Staff: Ms. Banks


Ja'Niaya Jean Baptiste

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS: “I am here to help and bring awareness to mental health,” said Ms. Banks

Ja'Niaya Jean Baptiste, Staff Writer

Monica Banks, originally from Delaware, is currently playing her role as the  Mental Health Director/ Administrator at Inlet Grove. “However, the Mental Health Director title was more relatable to my role as the School Behavior Health” said Banks. 

Ms. Banks has been working at Inlet since July of 2019.“I chose Inlet because it is an “A” rated school and I wanted an opportunity to be part of an organization that thrives on students’ academies and excellence,” said Ms. Banks.

She believes that her role is significant because “I am here to help and bring awareness to mental health.” Both staff and students stated that they appreciate it.   

When questioned about her aspirations at this point of her life she said that her aspirations were simple, “To serve people and be intentional with acts of kindness.”

She said she is passionate about being an advocate for the young people, and helping the young people through their mental hardships.

Ms. Banks said if she could go back in time she would “stop and smell more roses”. She advises the young people of today to not stress the small things in life, but take their time when growing up.

Monica Banks has her masters degree in Counseling/Psychology in School Counseling. 

Prior to working at Inlet Grove Monica Banks worked in law enforcement for 24 years as “Road Patrol, Traffic Investigation, Fraud Investigator, Victim Advocate, Juvenile First Offender Officer and many more.”

She described her mother as her biggest influence. “She makes everything in life seem effortless, She is a powerful and amazing woman! She is my Shero!”