Know Your Staff: Ms.Taylor


Leah Robinson

THE COORDINATOR: Ms. Taylor, working in ESE support to provide help to students.

Leah Robinson, Staff Writer

Tamika Taylor, better known as Ms.Taylor, is inlets ESE support coordinator. She has a Jamaican background and spent her early life in New York. “I’m originally Jamaican, my grandparents moved to Brooklyn New York where I was raised. I moved here to South Florida by the time I was six.” said Ms. Taylor.

She is also a mother to four sons. Two being in highschool and the other two in college. Prior to Inlet, Ms.Taylor taught middle school students at Franklin Academy. 

Ms.Taylor is extremely fervent about education. “I am extremely passionate about the unknown, it makes me wonder. I’m also passionate about sharing information and knowledge to help and influence the next generation” 

She says that education is something that chose her. She believes that  she has the voice in order to share knowledge with others. 

With only it being her first year at inlet, Ms.Taylor says her goals are to impact and make a difference for her community. Ms.Taylor says that one of the best parts of her job is to see the progression and results from her students. “ Seeing my students progress and change based on what they learned in class is a big accomplishment. It makes the job worth it.”

“I want my students to see that it is not just about getting a good grade. I want them to see that it is a life changing experience when you learn something and apply it. I want to unlock your knowledge and unlock your brain, to let them see it in a different perspective.”