Student of the Month: Carl Thelusma

August winner


Courtesy of Carl

PROTEGE: “I am currently a Senior and my academics are A and B average,” said Thelusma.

Erna Delice , Editor

Carl Thelusma, a Senior in the Medical Academy, was voted student of the month, of August. 

“I feel honored and grateful for being acknowledged and granted as the student of the month,” said Carl. 

“I believe I was [nominated]  because of my dedication in class and my consistency of good attendance in class,” said Thelusma. 

 After high school Carl said that he plans on attending Palm Beach State College to get an associates degree and major in medicine then go to medical school to become a chiropractor. 

“As a black Haitian American male,” Thelusma said. “I want to set an example for minorities that they are capable of chasing their dream and that the color of their skin or ethnicity doesn’t define them. I see myself as an inspirational figure to all students.”

Thelusma, who is also on the football team said he gets motivation from his coach. “I persevere to continue working harder and never give up. My head football coach, Alphonso Smith always told me and my teammates to be mentally tough no matter what the circumstances are to any challenges that come and go,” said Thelusma.

“I wanted to show people that doubted me that I’m not a quitter in whatever I do whether it’s sports or life.”