Tales of La Chancla: The Movie(s)

How’s this for synergy:

It began as a student’s story idea in Journalism instructor C.B. Hanif’s class.

Soon another student produced an editorial cartoon to illustrate the article.

Now TV Production students are filming the video equivalent of the Tales of La Chancla.

Could Hollywood be next?

“If you’re Hispanic,” Shannon Hernandez wrote in her GroveWatch.com story last year, “most likely you heard about ‘La Chancla,’ the slipper or the sandal. This is a Hispanic mothers top-choice weapon because it is easy to grab and handle.”

Shannon, a junior in the Medical Academy, went on to describe La Chancla as the top disciplinary tool and a “key to well-behaved children in many Hispanic or Latino families.”

Pre-Architecture student Jose Murrillo then followed up with his editorial cartoon, which featured a ferocious-looking mom using La Chancla to discipline her child.

Now the concept is being made into short movies by Paul Razza’s TV & Film Production students.

“This topic is more about culture and the legend behind it rather than the concept that it’s right or wrong,” Mr. Razza said. “I had my students read articles and from that they will make short movies acting out La Chancla.”

Each of the short movies will be unique, he added. “There will be 18 scripts with 18 different short movies.”

Daryl Montas, a junior in TV Production, said he likes the idea that “each project is individual and not the same which shows diversity among us.”

As usual at Inlet Grove, “Grades are based on the rubric,” Mr. Razza said.

In order to earn 10 points, the script has to be original, creative, directors must show a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve, the storyboard must be complete, students must demonstrate clear understanding of shots and angles, and all cuts between shots must be smooth with no excess footage.

“This experience allows us to study different cultures and their practices,” said Dharma Alcius, also a junior in TV Production, “as well as be creative.”

Enjoy the attached videos, posted by Dharma Alcius and Terence Graham.